Marcus Cappellazzo

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The Green Rush: Cannabis Extracts on the Rise

Oil rigs are coming up quick after the sudden spike in marijuana concentrate users. The smoke travels within the the diffuser, which breaks up into bubbles within the primary chamber after which moves in to the recycler chamber, where it's strained again prior to being inhaled.

Even if your simply searching for your first glass oil rig or you’re an experienced dabbing professional, find your ideal vapor solutions today at the online smoke shop 710 VISIONS and learn a efficient way to vaporize  your cannabis.

You can easily convert your water pipe to an oil rig with a concentrate nail adapter, which makes it an excellent unit for just about any beginner dabber.

With the rise of cannabis extracts, dabbing is rapidly becoming the largest in the use of cannabis around the country.

Cannabis extracts can provide a far more effective medicinal value than just smoking bud, meaning there has not been a much better time to obtain the most value for your money when buying a dabuccino.

Marijuana Approved for Medicinal Uses in Mexico

Mexico has started its process in handling the use of legal marijuana to treat illnesses. This issue has effected several millions of Mexican who have ended up in prison for small amounts of pot.

A new reform must be made in order to benefit the people of Mexico and to allow the medical benefits to its people.

Recreational use of marijuana has shown no clear signs of addiction or leading to the use of other more hardcore drugs.

Pot consumption is up for debate on whether it is really needed for medical use in order to treat symptoms such as anxiety and depression, as well as fight cancer.

This did not in any way alter the laws in Mexico. Some oppose the legalization of medical cannabis, thus sparking this hot debate among the government leaders.